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LEPA G1600 embodies the high standards in performance, efficiency and reliability.Perfect for multi-GPU systems, heavy-duty workstations/servers, as well as industrial PCs, LEPA G1600 is built to satisfy the enthusiasts’ ultimate needs. To handle systems which are demanding and power hungry, G1600 is equipped with high quality, durable components, and advanced technologies. G1600, only 18 cm in depth, features Full Bridge and Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) topologies, not only reducing energy losses during transmission, but also maximizing efficiency up to 93 percent. It’s six powerful +12V rails with high maximum loads provide great compatibility with high-end graphics cards. Last but not least, the hassle-free full modular cable management facilitates system upgrades and replacements.




  • Powerful 1600W fully rated output, peak power up to 1700W
  • Surpassing 80 Plus Gold level
  • Full Modular Cabling Design makes system upgrade and replacement easy
  • High Density PCB Design makes G1600 only 18cm in depth, providing more space to dissipate the heat inside the chassis
  • 135mm ball bearing fan with thermal programmed speed controller delivers silent, cool operation
  • Honeycomb-shaped ventilation design increases airow and keeps power supply cool
  • Solid State Capacitors and 105°C Japanese Grade A Capacitors provide great reliability
  • DC-to-DC Converter Design ensures system stability
  • Full Bridge and Zero Voltage Switch (ZVS) topologies provide superior performance and reliability
  • Dual Sided PCB design synergizes PCB layout
  • Six powerful +12V rails with high maximum loads offer great compatibility with heavy-duty graphics cards
  • Dual Sided PCB design synergizes PCB layout
  • Ability to run up to 4-Way GPU (SLI / CrossFire) and Dual CPUs together without difficulty
  • Over Power, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Over Temperature, Short-circuit protection provide great safety to your system
  • Six powerful +12V rails with high maximum loads offer great compatibility with heavy-duty graphics cards
  • ATX12V version 2.3 and EPS12V version 2.92 compliant




Model Number: G1600-MA
AC Input Voltage

115 - 240VAC, 50 - 60Hz

(Maximum range: 100-264 VAC, 47-63Hz)

AC Input Current 16 - 8A
DC Output +3.3V 0-25A
+5V 0-25A
+3.3V & +5V 140W
12V1 0-20A
12V2 0-20A
12V3 0-30A
12V4 0-30A
12V5 0-30A
12V6 0-30A
-12V 0-0.5A
+5Vsb 0-4A


Total Power 1596W (133A)
Peak Power 1700W
MTBF > 100,000 hours @25oC
Operating Temp. 0oC ~ 40oC
Dimension 180mm (D) x 150mm (W) x 86mm (H)
Net Weight 2.4kg (without modular cables) +/-50g






We can definitely recommend the LEPA G1600-MA-EU to anyone who is browsing that field. True value for money combined with excellent efficiency levels make this a value product within a very expensive category. Well done LEPA, you managed to impress us.


The Lepa G1600-MA is a strong performing power supply, it's also sexy, has great features and a decent assortment of cables, so if you're looking for a high wattage power supply to power your next high-end build without breaking your wallet, the Lepa G1600-MA should be on your short list.


To sum up, this is a very good PSU with an overall outstanding performance and enough power to feed a dual CPU system with five high-end VGAs and a ton of peripheral devices, water cooling pumps, lighting accessories etc. Also its price, for what it has to offer, is very good since we found many lower capacity units costing way more, and offering less.


There is little to say about the Lepa G1600-MA outside of "wow" or "amazing". When pulling off a power supply of this calibre, you must do it with pure perfection.


The Lepa G1600 is a rare product among consumer power supplies today. At 1600 watts, the Lepa G1600 is one of just two 1600W power supplies we have ever reviewed and it sits at the peak of what is likely to be practical for North American users for the foreseeable future. As it turns out though, the G1600 isn’t just big it is also generally a very good power supply. With the units generally very good build quality, generally very good voltage regulation, very good DC output quality, and genuinely excellent efficiency this is an overall very good power supply by most relative metrics.


Lepa is on fire with this unit - it's huge, it has capacity to spare, and is limited only by your household wiring. I cannot say enough good things about this bad boy. 1600 watts... extremely low ripple... Gold efficiency... fully modular... what more needs to be said?


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